Super Bowl 52. The Spread and Predictions?

in #sports3 years ago

The current spread has the Patriots favored with a 4.5pt spread. The Eagles have been to the Super Bowl 2x with zero wins. I think it will be 3rd time is a charm?

I'm wanting to put some BTC on the game. I would love to hear your thoughts and predictions.

BTW, seems like a cool site to place bitcoin bets for the game. Anyone ever use this site? Any good?



looks so professional but need to use for some day for review it.

You talking about cloudbet?


in a few days I am very depressed with the price of btc, and do not know how the fate of btc for the future

It will all be fine! No worries! This is normal behavior..anyway.. BTC is over $8k! How is that depressing? I guess it could be if you bought at $20k.. eitherway it will be 6 figures 1 day..IMO. Patience is a virtue!

I really agree with you..😀😀

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