Croatian U20 Basketball Team Is Playing Finals

in #sports3 years ago (edited)

After a great success of our football team...

It has come time for a little bit of basketball.

Our U20 team qualified for the finals of EuroBasket.

Source: flickr

And the interesting thing is that they are playing Isreal, lol.

We're going into the last quarter.

And we're losing 60-50.

We still have 10 minutes.

But, Isrealians have been looking really great so far.

They wrecked both France and Germany.

Closest was Lithuania.

We weren't so dominant.

But, no one came close to us, too.

Closest was 8 points.

Source: Wikimedia commons

Our future looks great in this sport, too.

We're champions in waterpolo, 2nd best in football, tennis, and one of the in handball.

We're actually not really far from the top in basketball.

Source: Wikimedia commons

We have few really great talents that are making their impact in NBA.

Source: Wikimedia commons

Some of them are Saric, who should've been named the ROTY last year.

He's been doing great, and he's getting better and better with each year.

Hezonja signed with NY Knicks this season.

Source: flickr

He's a great athlete, and a shooter.

He just needs to work on his "head".

And probably the biggest talent is Bender.

He's like 220cm tall, can shoot, and has a talent to be elite defender.

Source: Wikimedia commons

Not many players like him exist in NBA.

Hopefully, we'll get a medal in that sport, too.


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Congratulations! it so as must be: teamwork

Some didn't expect much from this generation, but they still did great.

I guess it was teamwork.

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