Bayern ready to take on Real's 'weakness' opportunity.

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Santiago Bernardeu Real Madrid is not unbeatable; Bayern Munich coach Yup Haincas is getting inspiration from the Champions League quarter-finals after losing to current champions Uvantos.

On Tuesday, Bangladesh will face one-on-one semi-final in the second leg of the match.

In the quarter-finals, Uvantos won 3-0 in the first leg of the match, but once again in the field, Real was behind 3-0 goals. At the end of the day, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a 'penalty' by adding two leg to the semi-finals in the semifinal 4-3 ahead.

Bayern, who lost 2-1 in the first leg of the Alianz Arena, was so confident of turning around in Santiago Bernabeu. Haincas pulls example of Uvantos in the previous day's press conference

"The return leg match against Uvaintos showed that there are real weaknesses in the field. Although they seem invincible, it is not. "

"We know the issues are going to be very difficult. Madrid used to be in an important match but we also used to be accustomed to Madrid. We will be a very difficult opponent for them. "

For real Bayern, the real two are the real two goals of Real. But the hinacas are hopeful.

"We want to go to the final. We are aware of what Madrid can do to stop us. "
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