Chelsea are hopeful of losing Liverpool to the top four.

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Chelsea have hoped to end the season from the top four of the English Premier League, losing Liverpool.

Antonio Konter's team won the only goal of Olivia Zirud on Sunday at home. This is the fourth win of last year's champions in the current tournament.

Chelsea were ahead in the attack in the first half of the match at Stamford Bridge, but Chelsea were ahead in the attack. They get the desired goal in the 32nd minute. Junker sent a ball to the corner conqueror head in the corner of the harassed Moses.

Three minutes later the gap could have doubled. However, Ces Fabragus's head was not aimed at a short distance.

In the second half, Liverpool kept playing in the same way as Liverpool. But they did not get the same goal. The Champions League final went to the final after the drawn draw in the league.

Liverpool have 3 points in 37 matches with 72 points. Tottenham Hotspur is at the top of the table with 1 point short of playing one match. Chelsea reduced the gap between the previous match and lost the team. In the 36 matches, the team is in fifth place with 69 points.

In the day's match of the day, Barnalie flashed 5-0 goals, Arsenal took 60 points in the sixth position.

In the first match of the day, with the Hudersfield Town in the home field, the champions of Manchester City won the match with a score of 94 in 36 matches. Manchester United's second place at 77 points.
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