Liverpool captain praised Salah.

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Jordan Henderson believes Mohamed Salah has surpassed all expectations in the incredible debut season at Anfield. It has been said that Salah's hard-earned effort to be selected as the best footballer of England in the current season by the players' vote.

The 25-year-old Egyptian player, who won the award for the Professional Footballers' Association after Kevin De Bruyn, Harry Cain, Leroy Sanane, Davis Silva and Davyd De Haya.

Salma, who came from Liverpool this season from Roma, has already made 41 goals in all competitions for the new club. In the English Premier League, with the best four being in the side, in the last four of the Champions League.

Henderson knew that Salé was quite successful enough to return to England for the second time. But in the first season, Egypt's star has surpassed all his ideas.

"We assumed he would be good; But I think he has exceeded expectations. "

"He continued to improve. He is doing well in every match. It is more confident. "

"The coach has been helping him since coming to Liverpool. There are a lot of players around him. So he has come in a good team and this helped him to improve. "

"He always spends time in the gym to increase his strength. He always worked hard for the team in practice. In the end, he has got all the right recognition. "

"He always keeps working under the screen. Always do something in the gym and work with co-workers on various topics in practice. And most importantly, he always worked hard to do what he needed to do for the team. His bullets are talking for his hard work. "

On Saturday, Salah scored a goal in the 2-2 draw with West Bromwich Albion. In this season, in the Premier League, his goal has reached one-tenth. This is the highest goal of a season in 38 Premier League history. Alan Shierra, Luis Suarez and Cristiano Ronaldo scored 31 goals.

There are still three matches against Stoke City, Chelsea and Brighton and Hobve Albion, in the Salah front-league to take on the record for themselves.
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