Neymar is returning to PSG in two days

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Neymar, who is recovering from the injury, will join PSG in two days, said Unai Emeri. However, the Brazilian forwarding coach could not provide much information about when he would be ready for full practice.

Fifth Metersler broke Neymar's feet in the leg of the match against Marseille in late February. He is in the process of rehabilitation after surgery in Brazil. Russia can return to the world's most expensive footballer before the World Cup.

Talking to journalists last month, Neymar said that his goal was to return to practice on May 17.

On Friday, Bangladesh will take part in the top league of the country in mid-on Friday, to ensure the title of the PSG. Emeri spoke about Neymar's return on the eve of the match the day before the match.

"I do not know exactly when to return - it may be Venus or Saturday. But here he will be with us. "

"Practice with the team? For the moment I do not think so. I do not know - we'll see if he returns. "

"We want him with us. First, he comes to work with physio separately. Then we would ask him with us. After recovery, he will return to practice. "

Neymar has not played for a long time this season due to injury due to injury. Until the field was knocked out, the group made 28 goals in 30 matches in all competitions, and in August, the 22-year-old Euro transfer fee is 26-year-old without Barcelona.
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