Reality is such an abysmal near Zidane.

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Zimbabwe coach Jean-Zeidine Zidane raised the rival for the third time in the Real Madrid Champions League final. However, in the best competition in Europe, the party's supremacy is not normal.

On Tuesday night, the rainy season of the semi-final finale with Bayern Munich ended at the Santiago Bernabauau, with a 2-2 draw. Alainaj Aranana's first-leg wins 2-1 in the final by Real 4-3 ahead in the final. On 26 May, the champions of the last two events of the tournament will play in the final match of Ukraine's Kiev title.

In 2016, Zidane did not leave the Champions League again after Real Coach took over and Spain's most successful club did not return. The 45-year-old coached the team with the incredible success of the tournament.

Zidane said after the match against Bayern, "We just now have the finals. We must be happy. It is not a common case to go three times in the final. This is not normal. "

"Now we have to try to win it. We give everything we can. I will fight to keep the title at any price. It is a great thing to go for the third time in the final. "

Real Madrid is not something new in the Champions League, Zidane feels that the disciples are walking on the path shown by predecessors.

"It's not just about this team, it's about this club. It's history to come from long ago. We are writing history like those of us who did that before us. "

"We're going to do this. We are happy Real Madrid never quit. Even in many problems. "

Real striker Karim Benzeema played well in the return leg. Originally, the duo of Madrid reached the final with the help of the team in the Madrid city. In the current season, only 11 goals, Swadeshi is happy with the performance of this disciple.

"How good Karim as a player, he has shown in the Champions League semi-final as he did last year. He never let go. I am happy with him. "
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