Mean Gene Okerlund die

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6D5BF34C-0305-4F77-9C6A-66E92D3C88F8.gif One of the best commentators here in the picture with Hulk Hogan Mean Gene Okerlund died on the morning of January 2, 2019, at the age of 76 in a Sarasota, Florida hospital. This was later confirmed on WWE social media and its official website later that day revealing no apparent cause of death. I recalled back in the day when everyone would sit around and watch wrestling like Andre the giant, Hogan Hogan, super fly, Ric Flair. Mean Gene was one of the best commentators. It’s so sad that we have to see one of the greats pass away Rest in peace609B5075-ACB4-4854-9677-A192081F79C1.gif 4CB43650-5A5F-434A-863A-8CEA98322EF1.gif 371BF971-930E-4091-AEE0-14126A5A9924.gif mannyfig1956