2018 Steem Powered Fantasy Football Recap - Week 4

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Sorry I missing week 3's recap. I have been swamped with a move; I didn't realize that my family has so much useless crap stored all over the place. Additionally, HF20 rendered us all powerless for a few days. I realized during this time that STEEM needs some help if we are to scale bigger. As a side note, there is a very capable and potentially impactful new witness that is a true community supporter. I hope you do some research and get to know him and cast your vote, or ask around and get the low down on Fulltimegeek. I hope he blazes to the top 20 witness list and shakes things up.

Ok, back to fantasy football. Congrats to @full-measure for destroying me in week 3 and to @misterhorse for killing me in week 4. Sadly I am 0 - 4 going into week 5. I think the best thing for me to do to at this point is to trade everyone except Kamara, haha.

Week 4 recaps:


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Week 5 Matchups:


Good luck to all this week.


Cant believe im in last place, maybe with brady having good receivers now I might get some wins.

I feel your pain man. Brady just played a great game so u have a good start towards your first W. Wish u both a fruitful weekend.

Glad to see you back Mello... I missed a few of your block post contests... If you can think to send me the link or tag me, that would be helpful... I forget and then kick myself afterwards because I know I would've won at least 2 out of 3 by now :P

Sure thing Dave. I was slacking a bit these past couple week. I am getting back into the swing of things and will make sure I send you reminders.

Ok, back to fantasy football. Congrats to @full-measure for destroying me in week 3 and to @misterhorse for killing me in week 4. Sadly I am 0 - 4 going into week 5. I think the best thing for me to do to at this point is to trade everyone except Kamara, haha.

Lol. It's too bad our division is so tough. And then Mr. Horse wasn't an easy game either. You definitely don't deserve to be 0-4. Tough hole to be in lol but I'm predicting you slide to a better record as the season goes.

I got your donation transfer and added it to the prize pool! That downtime on Steemit was annoying. Thanks for cranking out the updates!!

This is the week I will finally get a W! Haha, I will keep saying that until I get one.

These recaps are mainly cut and pastes from yahoo fantasy so it's not biggie. I hope our members get some value from them, plus it produces a post to help generate more $$ for our prize pool.

Yup! They don't have to be the next Mona Lisa, they just have to get done :p

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Not the best start for me, haha. Don't you worry though, feeling confident I'll turn it around!

There is still a lot of football left. Which team are you?

Ol crazy eyes.... I can't keep straight who's who either, haha. Hopefully Mixon will come back this week and give me a little boost

Oh and I was so pissed Monday night, all I needed was like 2 more points from Demaryius Thomas, woulda had it if that last pass wasn't over his head. But oh well, next week

I feel your pain. Sometimes I can't find 1 point if my life depended on it. Luckily this is all just a game. I still have hope too, even with a goose egg start.

For sure. That's right, and hey, it'll make the come back that more impressive for us 😂

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