NFL Lowest Score Contest #1 - WIN 1 STEEM

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What's New This Week:

This is the same format as my NFL highest score contest, BUT the object of this contest is the pick the LOWEST scoring NFL game. Please read rules carefully.

Contest Prize:

1 Winner will get 1 STEEM

Contest Rules:

1-Upvote this post to enter the contest
2-Upvote my comment for the game that you think will have the LOWEST total points
3-Reply with the total points that you predict (This is the tie breaker; closest to the actual score will win the tie breaker)
4-Each player may only upvote one game
5-No editing after you upvote and comment (I will check this before payout)
6-Deadline is Sunday 1:00 PM EST September 23, 2018

Game List:

Highest score - 09 23 2018.JPG

NFL Schedule

Where can you check the score:

I am always looking for contest sponsorship or collaboration, so leave a comment if interested


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Dallas @ Seattle

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New England @ Detroit

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