Barclays Premiers League 2018-19 | Matchday 4 | Leicester City 1 vs 2 Liverpool F.C. by: YoursTruly, @michaelcabiles

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Well, well, well, my favorite and awesome team in the Premier League, Liverpool F.C. were on there to the top and of course, it's still early to believe that Livepool would win their first trophy and how I wish they could.
If that happens, I would be more than happy to cheer up my friends and invite them here at my crib to celebrate Liverpool's championship trophy but, like what I had just said, it's too early for it to think but, there's a possibility that they could.
If they could play the ball like what they are doing right now, they would have a hundred percent chance for the Premier League trophy this year. If all of the squad wouldn't have any injuries or some bad things happen, they would probably win it and I will be the first person in the world of football to open a bottle of beer and drinl it all, bottoms up! Lol! :D

So, let's go to the quick scoring written highlight content from the 3 goal scorers last night at the King's Power Stadium in Leicester City on the 1st of September 2018.


In the early minutes of the first half at the 10th, Sadio Mane scored his 4th goal for the Liverpool F.C. as the key player who's working so hard to win the title with Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino. He scored with the great assist from Robertson and they had an awesome play before that goal.
The goal keeper didn't had any chance to save it and he wouldn't really save that goal because it was a very quick kick from Mane.
Mane, Salah and Firmino must do their bests to help Liverpool win the title for the first time. Praying for that to happen! :D


Roberto Firmino who would had had score some goals in the 1st to 3rd matchday but unfortunately, he didn't scored even a single one. Then, this time around and the moment that I had been waiting for came from him to score in the 44th minute of the game against the former 2016 Premier League champions in the first have.
Liverpool led Leicester with a 2-0 score in the first half and when the referee whistled for a 15 minutes break, I told myself that Liverpool wasn't yet finished on scoring.
SHOUT OUT to Firmino and congratulations for the first goal this season! Hope that you will continue scoring at the next matches! :D


Alisson made a mistake for the first time having a 3 matches clean sheet but it ended up at the 63rd minute in the second half of their match against Leicester City.
Every person aren't perfect and I believe that Alisson didn't mean to make a mistake at this match and I knew it because, seeing his skills in the first half saving a couple of possible goals from Leicester would be enough for him to be in the first 11 starting squad and helping Liverpool to the next level.


Rachid Ghezzal from Leicester City scored his first goal against my favorite team, Liverpool but, unfortunately, even though he scored and tried to help the former Premier League 2016 champions, Liverpool stil won the match and enjoying being at the top of the league so far now.

I congratulate both team for giving us a thrilling match last night and hopefully for my favorite football team to win lots of matches to have a chance for the Premier League trophy.

See again next time guys and have a great day and night to all! :D



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good team Liverpool. i like it😀

WOah! you're really quick, man! Lol!
And yeah, LIVERPOOL!! :D

I really like Liverpool, let alone there is a Mohamed Salah.

Man, me, I am a die hard fan of Liverpool! 😁
It's nice to know that you like Liverpool! 😎🤘

I also really like Liverpool. Liverpool is the best.😀👍👍👍