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Thrilled and excited for the upcoming match of my favorite team, Liverpool F.C., this September and they will face some of the biggest teams in Europe and also at the Premier League.

Last Saturday, on the 1st of September, Liverpool won over the former Premier Leaguer 2016 champions, Leicester City, at the King's Power Stadium with the score of 2-1. Mane and Firmino helped the team to win their 4th straight win in the league and I am hoping to see their winning streak till the season is over and seeing them holding and kissing the first ever Premier League championship trophy.

And now, let's go on to their must watch matches against some of the biggest teams in Europe and let's start with Tottenham Hotspur.


Liverpool F.C. will face one of the aggressive team in the Premier League this season which is the Tottenham Hotspur. The England's captain, Kane and the 2018 World Cup Champion and France's captain, Lloris will have a long dicussion to plan on how to beat the Premier League's number 1 team so far. Hotspur will have to prepare in 2 weeks and think of some tactics that could beat my favorite but, Liverpool would not be so ignorant about this match because, they know how Hotspur play on the pitch and I'm sure that Klopp will not be so risky when the match comes and he will choose his first 11 players 3 to 4 days before the match but, we will see the first 11 players, 3 to 4 hours before the match comes.


4 days after Liverpool's match against Hotspur on the 15th of September 2018 will be one of the riches and famous team in France, Paris Saint Germain. Mane, Firmino, and Salah will face also the dangerous trio in France and those are Cavani from Uruguay, Neymar from Brazil and Mbappe from the 2018 World Champions, France.

This team would be one of the toughest match for Liverpool and they must be fit on this match and hopefully that there would not be injury happen on my favorite team. MCN are the players that could be more harder to defeat on but, I believe that Liverpool could do it if they would prepare for this match and play the same way that they played last 4 matches in the Premier League. So, goodluck to my team for this match! :D


3 days after the day 1 of the 2018-19 Champions League opening, van Dijk, Lovren, Lallana and Mane 's former team, Southampton will be in to match against their current team, Liverpool and this would be an awesome match.

Southampton are continuously doing and trying their bests to play and focus only about on winning. So, what will happen if all of the players in Liverpool and the former, Southampton's would be in the first 11? Man, sounds great but, we don't know the future! :D


So, this would be a tiring month for Livepool because they will face the second in the 2018 Premier League on the 26th of September and on the 29th of September. Liverpool will face the Blues for two straight matches but, I know that Klopp will not do a thing that could make Liverpool lose on their way against Chelsea.

2 matches straight would be a challenging match for the Reds but, they would give us a great match and I can assure you all guys. Liverpool will face Chelsea for the Football League cup at the 3rd round and they will also face each other on the 26th for the matchday 7 of the Premier League.

Have a great day guys! :D



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wish a happy september, @michaelcabiles. YNWA!

Hey, man! same to you, too @yulismal! :D

Manchester United FOR LIFE! 5555!

555555! LIVERPOOL! 55555!

Bookies paid 1.9 for Firmino’s goal. He had to score against Leicester. Easy +90% gain.