Stephen A.: LeBron James in Game 1 vs. Raptors wasn't the 'Hercules' we've seen - First Take - ESPN

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First Take's Stephen A. Smith says LeBron James wasn't the "Hercules" that we're used to seeing during the Cleveland Cavaliers' win over the Toronto Raptors in Game 1.

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That was one hell of a matchup though.. it was fun to watch.. I wanted to see about 3 more overtimes.

It's obvious LeBron is burnt out. He already admitted it. The series against Pacers really took a toll on him. But still, he's dragging the team.

And as for the last night's victory, Stephen A. claimed his teammates stepped up. But I think it was more Raptor's own ingenuity that made them lose.

Anyway, we will see if LeBron's mates can perform well, which has never been a constant. In other seasons he could count on Irving. But now he just looks like a lonely island.