🏀 The daily 5 SBD offer has been won on 20/01/18

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Upvoters had Andre Drummond to foul out!

Well done to the following people: @julienghost @rudolph-nel @agentzero
@heyitshaas @ailenepm @fuentesjo3006

You had the correct answer in the bonus SBD contest today!

The 5 SBD will be shared 6 ways as per the rules, and transferred in 7 days time.

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thank you :D

A long time player and deserved winner!

Nice! Thanks for that, preparing my NBA post for tomorrow as we speak

No worries, look forward to seeing it :) Come join my discord if you like!

Thank you very much @o07

Your Welcome :)

Very cool, congrats to those who picked Drumm! He's always a pretty good candidate to foul out :-)

lol, reminds me of Ben Wallace. I'm a Pistons fan.

Cheers, nice work!

cool thanks man !!!