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RE: 2017 NFL Winner-Takes-All Picks: Week 3

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Any chance of a top 10 overall standings? Or a post that includes the complete overall standings? I have no idea how badly I'm doing :)


Your record heading into Week 3 was 6-4.

Sorry about the delay. Would you believe that I haven't been on my computer since yesterday afternoon? It was a good weekend!

No issue about the delay. Not a hugely time important query really. Thanks for getting back to me though, and that's better than I was expecting, so yay!

A day away from the computer is usually a pretty good part of a weekend. I don't have nearly enough of them

Yes. I was going to start a top-10 with next week's post. There were still a lot of 8-2 and 7-3 records right now.

When I get back to my PC, I'll let you know your record.