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RE: Your Opponent is Not Your Enemy

in #sportslast year

I think there should be an opportunity for fans to say "thank you" to the opponent for showing up.

Well some of them do get paid like $30m a year so maybe that's all the thank you they need. With those earnings they could probably afford a couple of hot dogs and a coke at one of their own games.


Dude that made me spit out my iced tea. Pretty damn funny my friend. Yeah I guess there is that.

But technically this one was about a college football game where the players are paid in extremely valuable education... while the Georgia Head coach is foolishly accepting 7 million dollars each year. What an idiot! Taking dollars instead of being paid in education.

Are dollars going to pay for hookers and blow?

No. It's all about making it rain education. After all aren't all strippers just earning money for med school?

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