Vampiro is Born - May 31st, 1967 - Today in Wrestling History

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Way back in the year 1967, a fella by the name Ian Richard Hodgkinson was born. That man grew up to be one of my favorite underrated wrestlers of all time, Vampiro. After getting his start in Canada and traveling the Indies in Mexico and Japan, Vampiro made his WCW debut on June 29th, 1998 on an episode of Monday Nitro defeating Brad Armstrong.

He had many great feuds with the likes of The Great Muta, The Demon and even Sting before he broke his neck and was hospitalized before the buyout of WCW. Vampiro always was a draw for me because of the makeup and Misfits vibe, as I'm a fan of the Misfits. I hope to see Vampiro turn up in AEW or Impact as a Ring announcer at the very least.

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