Its just Messi-ed up

in #sports8 months ago

With Messi 'one of the best players around' signing a release form Barca yesterday and and asking price of 800million to join another team , it seems like things are really heating up in soccer. The 33 year old Messi , in my opinion, is slowly showing signs that he is no more the same player he was. he probably have 2 to 3 years in him . With a price tag of 800 million that's a cost of 266 million a year if he plays for 3 years. That's not even taking into account his salary. What that in mind , for me , only a crazy team would buy him. There is a small list of only 2 teams that can afford him, PSG or Man city. If I were the owners of either team, I don't think either I would see him as an improvement to my side.

Lets see how may players you can get for quarter of the price. I was looking at Chelsea who bought Timo Werner for 48 million, Hakim Ziyech 33 million and Ben Chilwell for 45 million a total of 126 million . That's a much better deal then that of Messi.

Perhaps he needs a change to re ignite is career. If I were him and I would also look for greener pastures. Time has passed and Messi should have changed sides a long time ago. I hope the best for him and enjoyed soccer under his feet

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