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SportsFix is a games gushing stage will show live brandishing occasions previously you. SportsFix gushing stage will introduce provincial games content, neighborhood content and the most famous worldwide game. SportsFix will turn into the stage of decision for games fans.

SportsFix decentralized Platform

SportsFix is decentralized games spilling stage with blockchain innovation. With the utilization of innovation blockchain then the stage will all the more dependably SportsFix and straightforward. SportsFix utilizing savvy contracts at system ethereum. SportsFix is a progressive advanced games content with blockchain innovation. SportsFix stage permits media rights for games content rights speculations smaller scale.

SportsFix consolidates content Netflix with blockchain so changing the manner in which fans associate with media content games. Fans can take part and get engaged with their clubs and associations in the economy with a computerized exchange utilizing keen blockchain contract.

Sports industry information demonstrate that 90% of the fan vote moved and can not get to the substance of their most loved games. Just 10% of those in the communicate to sports fans. About 4.7 billion people viewing something like 1 coordinate games.



A large number of the issues in the face on the current games spilling stage, among which are:

• The dissemination framework isn't straightforward and babble inspired.

• Do the maker's markup, bundling and fake cost

• Using an arrangement of redistribution of pay of the brought together arrangement of salary redistribution and midway.

• Fans of the move have constrained access to content specifically from their most loved group

• The Club bolstered no immediate inclusion with their fans.


• SportsFix gives arrangements organizing stadium decentralized computerized will help fans is specifically associated with the diversion.

• Supporters can open the substance of the game and their most loved item includes.

• Many of the cool highlights that can be chosen by fans while watching the diversion.

• Fans will pay for what they watch.

• Favorite sports clubs could do collaboration and distinguish and remunerate for their dedicated fans who are dynamic on the stadium carefully.

The Advantages Of The Platform's Digital Stadium

• You can pick the amusement you need to watch and can get a token SFT.

• Buy tickets upon the arrival of the match.

• Can join as a season ticket holder advanced (DSP).

• Can make a one-day coordinate through our accomplice or club support.

• There could watch the match with HD quality.

• Watch the amusement together and share your remarks with people in general.

• You can procure reliability focuses and make forecast diversions and also making substance which is cool.

• You can be straightforwardly included with your most loved clubs.

• Can be distinguished and granted with the enroll as DSP

• Can get to content elite to the room lockers, preparing and the sky is the limit from there.

• Watch the diversion free with the computerized Stadium supports.

• Can get a token SF from patrons to change the affirmation upon the arrival of the match

• You can get limits on your most loved brand's stuff

• Develop stale your fans to open extraordinary highlights at each dimension

Favorable circumstances SportsFix Token

• SF in the token gave to a restricted degree.

• SportsFix group has involvement in the field of games substance and industry in the course of recent years.

• A stage of advanced spilling stadium OTT offering cutting edge involvement with premium crowdfunding.

• Token SF configuration to acknowledge and connect with end clients on the stage of the stadium carefully.

• Model improvement of SFT is exceptionally unique.

SportsFix OTT as of now is in the market for the gushing stage and has a scope of 300 million clients in the whole ASEAN advertise.

Name: SportsFix

The Symbol Token: SFT

Token supply: 800 million SFT

Ethereum Platform: ERC20

Token cost: $0.10 USD

Token available to be purchased: 440 million SFT

Time Pre-Sale: 4-8 Week

Pre-arrange rebate Sale: 30-half

Delicate top: 2 million

Hard top 37.2 million


The team comprises of people who understand sports, business, marketing, branding and blockchain technology.



sportfix roadmap.png


This a unique project that will make all kinds of sports more accessible in every part of the world.

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