VAR needs to go or be changed

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Another weekend of football has flown by there was goals and glory all over the kingdom however this weekend was once again overshadowed by VAR (video assistant referee)

Especially after the earlier game Everton v Tottenham which was unfortunately massivily overshadowed by multiple VAR controversial decisions such as 2 penalty appeals 2 sending off instances and some more minor calls

Why was VAR first introduced to football in England and worldwide?

It was introduced to prevent human error from infield refs for example if a player scores a goal and was actually offside the referee will disallow the goal however sometimes the ref and linesmen do not see it and the goal stands so var was introduced to correct errors of referees.

So what’s going wrong ?

VAR isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do it’s disallowing goals when actually goals should be given and it’s giving goals when goals shouldn’t be given.

It is also making decisions on offsides that are not clear and obvious for example in the liverpool game the other day a player was ruled offside but on the replays it shows most of his body expect maybe his armpit yes armpit was offside.

Why are fans against var now ?

Incorrect decision: getting decisions wrong more than they are getting decisions correct.

Time spent waiting for decision: Decisions are taking far too long to be made for instance some decisions are quick within 30 seconds but way to many decisions are taking 3-5 minutes which in football is a long time when the sport is a sport that is played at speed.

Fans not being told and seeing what’s going on ?

If your watching from a tv then you don’t have this issue so much but the fans in the stadiums don’t get to see what the referee is looking at there are screens in stadiums but it only displays the decision made and not the replays that justified the decision confusing the fans

All in all var needs to dramatically change or be scrapped it seems sports like rugby and tennis that heavily relies on var have higher success the decisions are very quick and are nearly 100% correct maybe the odd wrong one here and there but in football unfortunately it feels like var is a 10% success rate.

Thank you for reading let me know your thoughts on VAR


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Interesting post! Learned something new today. Keep it up! 😉👍

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YES and all in your comfort zone i guess, great job

I’m not a huge football follower but the offside rule always seemed to me as overly complicated- I mean surely booting a ball into the back of bet it a goal?? Why should it matter if player one was in a different position to player two? And because it’s such delicate position based - even the video feeds can’t capture all the possible angles in full.

Let’s just keep it simple, old school jumpers on the park rules - if the ball crosses the line it’s a goal!

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