Carragah former Liverpool captain admits racism against Evra

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972B7BF4-5E4C-4479-A31C-9809D0B54E25.jpeg The former Liverpool captain admits that he shouldn’t have supported the former Liverpool forward in racism of the the former Manchester United play Patrice Evra In 2011 match against the Manchester United. Both Evra and Suarez was one of the top and hot players in the English premier league that year. Which even in the world they are one of them top look up players to be then. Suarez did a t shirt to criticize the Manchester United defender and which is team mate with so call captain of Liverpool then join them and support them of doing. Now the former Liverpool captain have come out talking on sky sports even trying to apologize to the former Manchester United player and saying his a massive mistake for doing that and supporting for criticism that year back. Which also the P F A in England ban the Liverpool forward for that and pay some money for that.