CHEATING Napoli Prove VAR Doesn't Work

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Well, that's confirmed it for me.

VAR is completely pointless.

Tonight, after a pretty good performance away from home, Liverpool's efforts were wasted due to a cheating Napoli side and VAR that clearly doesn't work.

easily fooled presents (4).png

Callejón took it upon himself to dive for a penalty and completely fooled the referee.

No worries, I thought, as it was sent to VAR. Yet, although it was a clear dive, VAR decide that the penalty stands because the referee hadn't made an obvious error.

What, apart from the fact that he's failed to spot a cheating player?

What you're saying here is that it's okay to dive as long as you dive convincingly enough to fool the referee.

An absolute disgrace and, although Liverpool will likely qualify from the group regardless of tonight's result, I can't help but feel that VAR needs to be scrapped.


I missed the game but watched the highlights and I saw how Liverpool was cheated with the dive.. I think VAR is a good thing if used correctly

By the way, Phil has never been a fan of VAR maybe because it kills the excitement in football 😉

In the Belgian League something similar happened this weekend. It seems like the VAR is a long way from being what is intended to be. And as for Italians clubs cheating, well, that's no news...

VAR is perfect if used correctly. Officials running it should be fined and fired and banned from officiating for life. How incompetent one has to be to not recognize a dive. More ex players need to become officials as they need to help raise the standards.