100k SPORTS Milestone Achieved! 1 million Goal in Mind!

in #sportstalk2 years ago

Exactly two weeks into my SportsTalkSocial journey, starting from 10k SPORTS, I have finally managed to reach the major milestone of 100k SPORTS POWER!!! Wooooohoooo! I haven't sold a single SPORTS token since I joined and I don't plan on selling any time soon. I want to grow my stake as much as possible and contribute in form of curation.


This is just the first step on my journey on which I plan to slowly but surely move towards a bigger milestone of 1 million SPORTS powered up and used for honest curation of what I feel to be the content which brings value to this place and ultimately helps it grow moving forward into the future.

I have set up an autovoter list of currently only ten content creators who I feel are bringing value to our platform and I'm looking forward to expanding this list to at least 30 content creators worthy of my continual support which will only increase as I grow my stake.

If you want to get on my list, visit my post on curation and leave a comment.

If you know any other content creators who you think deserve to be on my list, let me know. I'll review their content and consider adding them on the list.

I'm extremely excited to share my journey with you and join you on yours, meet all of the amazing people contributing to the great future which lays ahead of this platform and helping you grow your stake which I hope you will use honestly and in our best interest.

Have a good one everyone,



Way to go, It will be a grind to get to a million, the upvote amounts are slowing down faster than I can power up. On the bright side, the token should go up in value, I think!

Yeah, I'm aware of that but I'm used to grinding so it won't be an issue. I've noticed the falling upvote value. Must be because of a lot of new SPORTS being powered up and used for curation. What makes you think it will go up in value?

It just seems like they are slowly getting harder to come by! I was giving 10,000 sp vote with 2000 staked, now a 9,000 vote with over 200,000 staked. I believe the low hanging fruit is almost done being picked. I hope that made some sense! I hope we keep all keep powering up most of the tokens!

Oh, yea, plus all the talk of token burns too!

That's crazy!!
I remember you at the first day ;)
Keep up bro, you're good!

It truly is. Thank you @lonelywolf!

Congratulations on your achievement!
SportsTalkSocial is indeed a great platform for all sports lovers out there. Glad to see it moving forward faster than ever.

Best of luck, @sports.central!

Thank you! Agreed. I'm looking forward to SportsTalksSocial taking over the sports blogging spectrum of the internet :D

I see some popular sportswriters and sports enthusiasts are on SportsTalkSocial whom I see on other sports-based blogging platforms before. I hope so what you just said :D

wow you reached there so quickly great to see that now its time for the big milestone you can do it many congratulations

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