Which Actifit Report Cards Do I Consider To Be Worth Curating?

in #sportstalk2 years ago

With the outbreak of countless actifit report cards posted on SportsTalkSocial, I feel encouraged to share my view on which of these posts I consider worthy of upvoting and which I'll pass on without even looking at them twice.

Some of these posts are actually enjoyable and well worth an upvote while others are pretty much a spammy way of trying to gain some SPORTS.

I'll upvote report cards which

  • contain at least one original image
  • have at least five sentences of original content

I won't upvote report cards which

  • have the default image
  • have less than five sentences of original content

The content you write for your report cards is unimportant. What matters though, is that I see that you input some effort into these posts rather than just plain and simple, shitposting to gain rewards.

I hope to see more "quality" report cards in the future on which I'll spend some of my VP and which I'll reward with some SPORTS (up to 2k).

If you post such report cards feel free to drop them in the comment section down bellow and I'll upvote it because I have some VP to spare for all of you actifitters out there.

Have a good one,



well for that it seems like you have to find some posts from recent hot tab from sports talk to see which ones are the best

O man, you're going to make me work!

Boooo! lol

nah, you are on the whitelist bro!

bahahhaha that bitmoji though.

Whew thanks, I get pretty lazy!

Tell me about it; if I was asked to describe myself in one word, lazy would probably be at the top of my selection. Also, got a job to be able to take out a loan for crypto in a couple of months, just in time for the bullz return and it's draining the living soul out of me making me even lazier than ever before QQ

Let me know when the bull run is over so I get out on the top, my jr gold mining stocks came to life so it's all good.

Will do, with a picture of my new RS5 with a STEEM-GG licence plate.

Stocks are rather uneventful for my liking.

I definitely agree, I would love to suggest there should be a post of their actual activity (at least 1 probably) to support their activity. I stumbled upon it yesterday and I tried it. I can say it can be gamified.

So it's nice that you filter those actifit posts and curate it. Thank you for supporting users (like me soon)

Exactly! Looking forward to seeing you contributions to actifit. Let me know here when you do decide to post your first report card and I'll stop by to curate it.

Excellent way to go👍

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