"Guess Who Is In This Photo" Contest (Sport's Figure)

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Hi Everyone!

I decided to create something that I really haven't seen on this "SCOTBOT" platform . . . a "CONTEST"

It should be fun for all the newbies that are just now visiting this website. I also thought it would be fun for all the veterans that are already familiar with what this site has to offer.

So without further delay I would like to present to you my "Guess Who's In The Photo" contest.

All you need to do is guess who you think the person is within the "pixelated" photo down below (it's a sports figure).

After 24 hours I will paste the "un-pixelated" photo inside of the comment section. The "un-pixelated" photo will be located underneath the person who correctly guessed the person that is in the photo.

This contest is on a first come, first serve basis. Meaning that whoever correctly guesses the person FIRST wins the prize. So writing an answer that someone already suggested is pretty much pointless.

As far as the reward, it will be a 100% upvote from @fitcoin. The upvote is worth about 15,000 SPORTS.

In addition, EVERY participant will receive an upvote worth about 3,000 SPORTS.

If you haven't set-up your "SPORTS" account yet, it's super-easy, and you can do so here . . . https://www.sportstalksocial.com


F.Y.I. -  Sharing this post is NOT required for the contest . . . but you could possibly see a much larger increase in your rewards from @fitcoin if you do indeed share the post.

Just mention that you shared it (in the comment section).

So without further delay . . . "GUESS WHO IS IN THIS PHOTO"

Sports Figure









至於獎勵,它將是@fitcoin的100%upvote。 upvote價值約15,000運動。


本次比賽不需要分享這篇文章。 。 。但如果您分享這篇文章,您會發現您的獎勵大幅增加。


所以不再拖延。 。 。 的“猜猜誰在照片中”





Jacqueline I gess.

Serena Williams & Post is also shared on Steem and Twitter.

Wish you a lovely day.

Thanks a lot.

Wish you a lovely day.

Serena Williams. I shared the pos

Hi, @steem.girl!

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Williams Sisters

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