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Yes, another Steem Condensor has launched called SportsTalk. Anyone on Steem can post on that site and earn by using the #sportstalk tag.


People with the SPORT tokens can upvote it and curate as any other Steem based front-end. Here is TaskMaster4450 about it.

Again, I'm excited to see these new communities start up and look forward to getting behind them!


new challenge:

  • Make your bed first
  • Then do pushups (not on your bed, I know it is intriguing, but we should do it on the ground)
  • post about it on palnet or steemit
  • earn tokens
  • #sportstalk

Make your bed first

This will be the hard part starting out .

Awesome, I am very curious to somehow be in the know of future ones about to launch. Would love to get in early on some of these which are communities that are in my interests.

Yes, that would be interesting to get in on them early. I wonder if some of the future ones should do a landing page with some brief info on what they plan on doing and maybe a way to be notified via when they launch. Now they just launch and surprise us!

This is part of the process for tokenization of the internet :-D

Yes, this is why I'm here. Tokenization of the internet!

I think it is cool!
Let's see!

I am super excited to hear about this. This is for we sport lovers

Yes, sports is big.

Good news. Waiting for porntalk.

Dporn is listed on SE. is a fork of the Steem blockchain

How is it working out for ?
Good to see your broncnutz!

Steem will make a difference in ever one's life

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I am also excited to see this. People can talk about sports and connect with like-minded people.

Way to go, SportsTalkSocial!

Yes, should be interesting times. Seems the launch is off to a rocky start, but I'm sure things will correct!

So many tokenssssss!!!!!

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