How Do We Prevent This Platform From Crashing Down?

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The General Idea Should Be Simple: Increase the volume for "BUY" and lessen for "SELL".

Hi! It's been few days I think since Sportstalk started its Crypto journey. Many have hesitated to come aboard at first but as what I can see now, there's quite a sudden change or mind. I wonder what these people are thinking. Are they here for the rewards? Maybe some of them have pure heart that only hopes for the best of this community.

Is Selling Your Tokens Good for our Community?

At this stage, I doubt that it's a good thing for the community to sell their tokens. It's like we're building a foundation of a structure while destroying it at the same time. There's nothing wrong with getting your profits since it's your right and it's your money. What's not good is that we're doing the same mistake we did on Steemit before. People with much steem power just sell here and there since they get huge chunk of the reward everyday. Guess what happened next? Steem is now worth less than 1 dollar!

So How Do We Help in Preventing this Catastrophic to Happen . . . Again?

This is just my opinion and I'm fine if you won't agree with it but I think the only way is to stake more tokens. The demand for buy should be much higher compared to the demand for sell. I know we aim for the cyptocurrency world to be decentralized and not owned by anyone but not all thinks the same way. If all the rewards are distributed equally, then there's a chance that all of it will be sold in the market in less than 24 hours! That's just a chance though.

Maybe it would still be best that a bigger chunk of token rewards are being staked rather than converted to liquid SPORTS that can be sold anytime in the market. It would also require that those people who hold bigger portion of token rewards are responsible enough to stake their tokens and not sell them. If only few token rewards are given to those people who sell, then there might be a chance that the price will be consistently increasing due to a low sell demand on the market. For those who really want to help this community grow and help SPORTS token increase in terms of price value, please hold your horses!

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I know that feeling and concern. The good guys can always use their stake to fight abuse, curate original content, and strike multiple DOWNVOTES on people attempting to post irrelevant stuff. I believe if the entire people in the community really have the success of the platform at heart, they'll strive to keep the bad habits in its place (THE BIN)

I honestly have no problem with people dumping the token at this time.

Every token needs to be in strong hands. A thriving community, obviously, needs lot of strong hands holding the token to distribute the wealth.

That said, being so new, let the weaker hands dump. I agree that those who are in full support of the platform should stake all we can. Activity is the most crucial thing now so even the dumpers, those who earn the tokens, are providing a service.

They likely will be the ones complaining later who the whales do not share the wealth and dont upvote their content. Such is life.

The opportunity on #sportstalk is there for everyone. It is up to each of us to take advantage.

Yeah, it makes sense.

Most people came here with the mindset to earn some money, I guess. And as soon as they can collect some rewards they will do it. They don't see a reason to keep their Steem / Steem dollars and especially they don't think about buying some.

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