Getting Back to My Workout Routine After 2-Years: 2-Months Later Check-in

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Two months ago, I stepped back into the gym. I exercised daily for a decade, but stopped when my son was born. He is now a toddler.

I lost muscle definition and put on unhealthy weight. It was time to head back to the gym, and after only two months, I feel a decade younger.

You need 100-minutes of cardio and a substantial amount of anaerobic muscle workout weekly to have optimum health, and I am back at it. I wake up at 330am on Tuesday and Thursday to get in my workout and I love it.

Currently, I am back 2 days week, but will kick it up to 3 days a week in a month. I am almost 40 now, so my ligaments and tendons need to stretch. I injured my shoulder in my 20s at the gym, and even as a 20-something it took 5-months to come back.

Never get out of shape! It is hard to get back into the groove, but it is so worth it!



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