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RE: Congratulations to @NairaDaddy You've Won 2500 SP! Spotlight Writing Challenge

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Thanks so much @spotlight and all the @adsactly team...for organizing this CONTEST. It was a sure opportunity for me to introduce my other self...albeit my professional self into the crypto-world of Steemit.

Perhaps, it also helped me to birth a NEW IDEA. My TEAM & I created a platform for STEEMIANS to come seek medical advice. Its called #AIR-CLINIC.

We have Doctors and other health-workers readily available. We also have numerous health-enthusiasts and we have consulted for alot of clients. We hold regular health discussions everyday.

Interested persons can JOIN US VIA THIS LINK:

Thanks once more. I'm upvoting and resteeming this. Cheers!



Super Lions don't take last

No we don't @jemimah. Lions always roar. Come join us in the server bro.

See yah!

Congrats our CMD @nairadday at @air-clinic. This is an achievement worthy of celebration 💃

Thanks @thelovejunkie. You rock. I don't know about CMD oh. Clinic Admin. Lolx Cheers!

Congratulations. Well deserved ✌️💯

Thanks bro. Cheers!

Congrats CHIEF

Thanks @yanga. Cheers!

Congratulations bro

Thank you @afinga. Cheers!