Congratulations to @NairaDaddy You've Won 2500 SP! Spotlight Writing Challenge

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Points: 11 Points

"I was described by @ashleykalila as a "CRYPTO-LOVING MEDICAL DOCTOR WITH A PASSION FOR WRITING". Well, she's very correct! But even more than that, I am a complex specie that has so many desires, ideologies, needs, interests, friends, groups etc. Sometimes all the aspects of my multifaceted personality borders on the extremes, but that's just me."

Writing Stream
Authors Bio +1
Word Count: 1200 - 1600 +3
Original Photo Bonus +6 (Max. 1 / 400 words)
Wordcount Posted at Bottom +1

TOTAL = 11 points

Congratulations @nairadaddy!


Thanks so much @spotlight and all the @adsactly team...for organizing this CONTEST. It was a sure opportunity for me to introduce my other self...albeit my professional self into the crypto-world of Steemit.

Perhaps, it also helped me to birth a NEW IDEA. My TEAM & I created a platform for STEEMIANS to come seek medical advice. Its called #AIR-CLINIC.

We have Doctors and other health-workers readily available. We also have numerous health-enthusiasts and we have consulted for alot of clients. We hold regular health discussions everyday.

Interested persons can JOIN US VIA THIS LINK:

Thanks once more. I'm upvoting and resteeming this. Cheers!


Super Lions don't take last

No we don't @jemimah. Lions always roar. Come join us in the server bro.

See yah!

Congrats our CMD @nairadday at @air-clinic. This is an achievement worthy of celebration 💃

Thanks @thelovejunkie. You rock. I don't know about CMD oh. Clinic Admin. Lolx Cheers!

Congratulations. Well deserved ✌️💯

Thanks bro. Cheers!

Congrats CHIEF

Thanks @yanga. Cheers!

Congratulations bro

Thank you @afinga. Cheers!

Congratulations on his success :)

Cheers @fery. You are most welcome.

congratulations also for him @spotlight

You deserve it all bro. Congratulations.


Congrats dear @nairadaddy , you deserve it

Thanks dear @nmalove. Cheers!

Whoo hoooo!!!! Congratulations @nairadaddy! That's great! Writing is your passion and it shows with this award. I am very happy for you. @ironshield

Thank you bro. Yeah I'm pretty passionate about it. Cheers!

Congratulations @nairadaddy
this is awesome

Thanks @ifioklee. We thank God.

Congratulations Bro..., sorry for late...

Many Many Congratulations @nairadaddy for winning :)
My prayers are with you :)

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