Spotlight Creative Challenge Winning Announcement

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Please help us in congratulating this weeks contest winner. Every Creative Challenge has two potential prizes. One for writing submissions and another for video submissions! Challengers create entries based on criteria and entries gain points based on their content. Once posted, Spotlight verifies your entries point value. If you have the most points at the end, you win 2500 SP for 2 weeks!

This Weeks Writing Winner is... @acolucky!

The Three Maybes I Consider When Dealing With Strangers (Spotlight Creative Challenge)
Author: @acolucky Verified Points: 8

Thank you for your fantastic writing submission @acolucky, we enjoyed reading it very much! For anyone looking for an example of how to submit Spotlight entries, be sure to check out Acolucky's article.

Writing Stream

  • Authors Bio +1
  • Original Photo Bonus +2 (Max. 1 / 400 words)
  • Reduced Passive Voice +2
  • Wordcount Posted at Bottom +1
  • Topic Bonus: Education Bonus +2 (Guides & Tutorials)

Writers & Video makers, check out our contest next week for your chance to win 2500 SP for 2 weeks!


Thanks, @spotlight. I know there wasn't much for submissions, but I wonder when you will do this contest again? I have five or six people I will let know.

Congratulations to @ecolucky, huge thanks to spotlight for touching lives on steemit.

hopefully I win ... spirit !!!

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