Spotlight Social Challenge - Join in for a Chance to Win Three Delegation Prizes!

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Anyone Can Participate!

Spotlight Social Challenge

Hi there! Follow the rules and you could win a bunch of steem power delegation!

Start by following us on Steemit!

The goal of this contest is to promote fantastic projects & posts from the STEEM blockchain to real people on Social Media! Make a post or repost to social media every day for the duration of the challenge and you could win!

Choose One:

-- --

  • Post Once a Day. Create a discussion relating to using or joining, @Spotlight Challenges or and invite friends or followers to voice their opinions.

Post or Repost to Facebook, Twitter, Gitter, Telegram, BitcoinTalk, or Reddit.


Your Post / Repost must be able to reach atleast 300 followers/friends
Your Post / Repost must contain 50+ words to introduce the topic.
Post or Repost Only Once Per Day
Social Accounts must be at least 6 months old
All posts / discussions must be mainly or entirely in English
Comment to Below to Show All Work (incl. Proof of Account Age, Source, Reach & Reasoning etc)

How it works

Create a Comment Below with
  • Proof of Work: A Screenshot with your Social Media Post / Repost
  • Post Your Source: If posted on a social media group or page, link to your post so people can comment on it!
  • Reach & Reasoning: Post the number of friends/followers you're posting to and why you believe this social media group is a good community to repost to.
Update your Comment Often with Updates regarding your Social Media Outreach, and to claim any points your entry deserves.

Claim Your Points

+2 Points for 50+ Word Introduction
+4 Points per Post or Repost
+5 Points to On-board a New Member to Steemit or Utopian
+1 Point for Following @Adsactly
+1 Point for Following @Spotlight

Post all Work & Proof as text/photo replies to your original entry comment - Requires Moderator Approval.


1st Place Winner 2000 SP (2 Weeks)
2nd Place Winner 500 SP (2 Weeks)
3rd Place Winner 500 SP (2 Weeks)

Together we can tell the world about these fantastic projects.


you are doing great job to promote steem it.
thanks for being part of this community .

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292 Friends + 29 Followers = Potential 321 Reach


Facebook is a great tool, my social media friends are becoming more aware of cryptocurrency and I hope they join the platform!

Rewards to Claim:
Shared to Facebook + 4
Added Caption +2
Followed Spotlight +1
Followed Adsactly +1

Standby for Additional Updates

Confirmed - Screenshot
Confirmed - Reach & Reasoning

Rewards Granted
Shared to Facebook + 4
Added Caption +2
Followed Spotlight +1
Followed Adsactly +1

Username: @molecular-wizard
+5 Points to On-board a New Member to Steemit or Utopian

Rewards Granted
+5 Points to On-board a New Member to Steemit or Utopian


This is a great means of bringing people to steemit community. It is time to get down to work big time. I love your insight @spotlight and team

Collaboration Runs Steem Nation!


Try to my best @spotlight

Nice plan, with this contest, the impact of the awareness will really force people to read about steemit and will all end up here.

Nice. i am happy about this

Hello, @spotlight. What is the end date of your contest?

This contest ends when the post pays out.

Thanks. Added your contest to my Contest Compilation :)

Hello, @spotlight what should I do

Check the example post at the top of the comments on this page.

You can post on social media (create a steemit related discussion) or repost (share an article to facebook/twitter/reddit etc) No matter which you decide be sure to include 50+ words for context as to why you're posting.

Ultimately, read the contest post and see the example above.

And good luck!

Nice work

No matter is I win the contest or not. We must unite as one great community and help eachother. I know that I am in low place right now but I am not willing to leave it soon.

Hey @spotlight , could you do me a solid please? I think my account @terminallyill is still on some kind of blacklist or graylist or something from months ago. Could you remove this please? I've been doing a great deal of good in the community, ad it is putting a damper on people resteeming my work, as well as me doing it. If you could do this ASAP please, I would appreciate it. You can check my blog list and account man, nothing crazy going on. I'm helping people.....

@spotlight Please I want to know if it is too late to join the contest. Do I still stand a chance of winning, knowing that eight days have gone already?
I will appreciate a reply. Thanks.

Hey @tolustx, sorry but this contest has closed.

Hey man, wanna go ahead and chill out with this bullshit now? get your little boyfriends to leave me alone and we can move on with life.

Hey @spotlight, I am writing to you and many other people who I have noticed for being very active and interested in humorous/sarcastic posts. I am not writing and begging for following me, but I want to share with you two of my other accounts, @krvsada and @tuzlasada , where I post funny GIF memes on daily basis (5 on each). Since I really want to improve and get amongst the best 'humorous 'steemians’ on this platform, I would love if you could sometimes drop to any of my meme accounts, enjoy in shared content, and possibly (the most appreciated) evaluate my work. I promise that I will be fully engaged with single one of your comments since this is something which inspires me and makes my days better. Furthermore, if you decide to keep up with my account, and if you decide to add me to your steem voter account, I will assure to connect additional 55+ young accounts to automatically upvote your account's (and anyone else's) posts. All of them are my friends and their accounts can not give you lots of 'rewards', but can easier get you to the HOT section and possibly increase your account visits. That would be the smallest thing that I could give as a return for your engagement with you. Please help me to get a rise in this section on this platform. All the best, @keyss.

Happy new year please follow and upvote my posts may this new year 2018 be a year with many acompllish for everyone thank you

a very good post I really like it please vote my post too

But I don't use any of these: Facebook, Twitter, Gitter, Telegram, BitcoinTalk, or Reddit.


But I'll resteem a post a day from @spotlight regardless! You guys have been supporting me a lot recently!

too bad I missed out on this contest, looking forward to the next one

is this Contest still working "?

Thats great

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Look man I'm finished doing this stupid ass back and forth downvote. I took my flags off of your posts and have stopped flagging you, why don't you do the same instead of downvoting me out of spite. I managed to reach a few big dogs in the community who are willing to help me if you guys don't lay off it. I have a kid I take care of and I use Steemit for my career and other things, you are hurting my family by being such a self cenetered person.

Look man I apologized immediately over the "spamming" of my own work, i did not know the rules. You should have warned me instead of downvoting me and crumbling all of my hard work. I have done alot for Steemit, and if you do not remove your downvotes and flags, Steemit will lose myself and many, many other users. I'd suggest making it mandatory for new users to have to read and agree to specific rules before we can even post, so we fully understand and do not have to go through this grief. I will not "move on" as you put iy. I have invested way too much time and cash money into Steemit for you to underhand me like that. Please, undo the damage you have done to my account and be a respectable human being. Do not leave it on there, you should remove it immediatel;y! I will carry on, following the rules i now know of, if you do, if you do not, i will have to resort to other matters of resolution and satisfaction. Thank you.

I followed you guys because I was interested in your posts. Your return was to flag me for posting the same post more than once. I am relatively new to Steemit and I work hard on my articles, which are original work. People who are starting need the exposure to well on here and to progress. All you do by flagging people like me is stunt the growth of the Steemit community as a whole and discourage the use of this platform to produce such material.. So thanks a lot there guys, real thumbs up to you.