Four Day Non Stop Hackathon!

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Dear challengers and challengees! In our continued effort to move forward with our project we started a four day hackathon today with the whole team. To keep you updated we wanted to give you some insights during this time.
The hackathon consists of well planed and focused work sessions, food breaks and chill phases in the evening. We planed and organized the hackathon with our advisor Grigorii that is coming to Berlin to coach us during these four days.

SpotShot team at work while our advisor Grigorii is advising us

For testing and feedback purposes we have to push the alpha version of our app. Marcel is hard at work to get the code to a point where we can distribute the app through Testflight and start testing it. Jakob will help with the coding of the frontend elements while Marcel will concentrate on the background services and infrastructure. We hope to have a compiled and testable version at the end of the week.

Grigorii is analyzing anything we say or do to give us precise feedback

Salim compiled a first list of potential partners and started contacting each one of them. Our aim is to get partners to test the B2B aspect of our platform. It's necessary for us that our potential customers test the system and tell us what works and what does not. They might even suggest features that we have not thought of yet. We also want give them the opportunity to be the first companies on our platform that use this new way of marketing that SpotShot has to offer.

Mersad explaining the necessity of focused app development

To present our project to the world at conferences and pitches we need a good pitchdeck. Jakob is responsible for designing and creating the pitchdeck and I have to admit he does an awesome job! The pitchdeck looks really great and is almost ready. It only needs a few updates that Jakob will take care of during this hackathon. He is also made a really cool intro for our SpotShot videos!

Our new SpotShot Into created by Jakob!

More coming soon!

CEO @ SpotShot

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