🎁 Beginning to Look a Lot Like Splinterlands Christmas #spsanta 🎁

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Will Splinterlands bring Christmas to all the good boys and girls?

That is the question being asked all across the Splinterlands, where hundreds of players have been battling it out all year. Did we do good this year, is santa coming?

It's a fair question since we haven't seen anything yet from the Splinterlands Team in the way of special one off cards to celebrate or commemorate an event. In the day and age of digital collectibles the gaming community beleives there's a big opportunity here to do something fun once in a while, by releasing a limited time celebration card.

Let me echo the sentiment that no one believes that the Splinterlands Team doesn't have enough on their plate, because we know they are extremely busy, plugging away to bring us all a fantastic game!

A unique celebration card could be a simple modification of an existing card with a slight change in artwork, even a basic common reward card would do fine. Just spruce it up a little and let it fly for a limited time!🎁

How cool would that be?

If you want to see a Splinterlands limited edition card for the holiday season make a post using the #spsanta tag.


You can go one step further and create a fun christmas card like I have, I'm calling him Creeping Christmas. Make sure to use the #battle and #spt tags and we'll make sure you're hit with some sweet upvotes in the way of SPT/BATTLE/NEOXAG/STEEM 🎁


The tag for my tribe is "neoxian", not "neoxag".

sometimes me makes a booboo

Its good to see some others get behind this idea and push it forth.

I look forward to scanning the #spsanta tag and handing out fat juicy #SPT and #BATTLE upvotes!

I'd like to write for this, but I don't know what to write.

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