My ideas for splinterlands publicity and growth of the game

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Good Afternoon community

This is a somewhat short post regarding a couple ideas that came into mind when playing my favourite dapp splinterlands recently.

These are just ideas with no meaningful backstory just some things to maybe help the game grow.

Disclaimer these are just some small ideas i randomly thought up with while playing and this is just a post i made purely for fun and engage the splinter community

So let's begin.

Live streaming

Im unsure if there are players that currently livestream and despite vimm being a live streaming platform here on the blockchain i feel platforms like youtube, twitch, mixer, facebook etc could help push the game out more to audiences not familiar of a blockchain.

Because a few of these platforms allow hosting and co streams it makes it much easier for groups of streamers to come together and play etc.

Themed events and partnerships with users or platforms

So I have sort of rolled a couple ideas into one here because I feel they could become one thing.

My idea for themed events are events that are based on real life events here are a few example's...

On Halloween booster packs contain higher percentage chance of receiving a DEATH card.

In the summer for a limited time battles grant 2x dec rewards.

Community event the whole community must combine and battle each other and once a certain number of battles have been played for example 20k the community will receive airdrops in dec depending on how many battles each user contributed.

As for Partnership idea's splinterlands could partnership with exchanges and small brands here is a little idea Ihave for that...

Self splinterlands partnesrhip events: buy booster packs within a certain time frame to have the chance at winning a Physical edition of the splinterlands book or splinter merch more packs purchase equals higher chance of winning.

Those are my small idea's for splinterlands. Thank you for reading community.