Alpha Gold Foils are a DEC Gold Mine! (A Great Way to Make Steem too?)

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Which a bit of effort and time since the beginning of the week, I was able to reach the silver league in @SteemMonsters. It took me a bit of time to define my strategy and a way of building my deck. I have a limited choice since I decided to play only with Gold Foil Alpha Cards. (which is only missing the lighting dragon)

The major benefit of playing with them and winning is that I'm getting currently +120% on all DEC rewards (without the streak bonus)

Steem Monsters   Collect  Trade  Battle  (3).png

See entire my collection here

Now what I didn't know before is that we can use DEC to buy upvotes from @steemmonsters which as of this morning has 925,563 STEEM in STEEMPOWER which mean at current price about $160 in potential uvpotes per day.

Here is more info to know how to purchase votes with Dark Energy Crystals


Using the Dec to buy votes? That's astounding is this a new development? +120% is massive as well, steem monsters is huge with that 900k plus Steem

Yep they are :)
You have a gold mine there! I have also pointing this out .... with the ultimate DEC miner.... Selenia Alpha Gold.

I have been focusing on regular Alpha, since the gold ones are just out of my budget for now

at this point, the gold foil alpha are in the "I have stupid money to spend" category. I was just lucky to buy a crap load when SM launched.

Holeee, your Alpha Gold collection is INSANE !
I have some Alpha Gold cards myself, and I try to use them as much as possible for that DEC bonus.

Thanks! Still missing that lightning dragon though and it's frustrating.

Oh yeah, it's 4,9k$ on market :D

That's a great collection, you have there. So much Alpha Golds in one page!

And yes, you can buy upvotes using your DECs. They actually give a better return for your DEC Tokens with at least a 20% ROI.

My 2,500 DECs, for example, got me a 3.972 STU upvote. Using a rough calculation, at the current price of 0.0024 STEEM per DEC, the 2,500 DECs would have gotten me 6.0 STEEM, if I sold it. But because I traded it for an upvote, I will be getting a total value of 7.236 STEEM (3.669 SP + 1.446 SBD) at payout, instead. That's already accounting for Curation Rewards and using the current exchange rates for STEEM and SBD.

Of course, sometimes, I guess depending on the queue, I actually get higher value upvotes. The best was when my 2,500 DECs got 4.887 STU.

Thanks for the calculation! That's really useful!

Awesome cards!
Mine best result - 782.879 DEC from single battle:


If my alphas were gold that would probably be about 1000 haha :D
Keep in mind that ranking points are squared in the formula so to fully use Alpha Golds potential it's better to have as many ranking points as possible :)

#wow its really awesome for help for buying dc and votes . thanks for incredible things.keep it up good luck

The ability to vote using Dec was a godsend by the team at Splinterlands at least for me. Dec is very cheap on Steem Engine, so basically you always turn a profit on each vote if the price doesn't go down as much.

Also, since you have a lot of Steem Power delegate some of that to Steemmonsters and you will receive a daily contribution of Dec.

I delegated 50 Sp from my 83 SP and I am getting 10-11 Dec daily. Just bought more Steem today that will go into delegating to Steemmonsters.

Congrats on your gold deck btw.

Nice collection man! I sadly never did get (besides 1) those legendary golden alpha's! Glad to see you are enjoying the game!

those are great profits in a few days, and I am suffering from buying letters and I can not raise gold, thanks for that help, I will try to gather and look for rent

This is a fantastic case study. I would have thought you’d earn more DEC, but overall it’s a great showcase of how powerful renting cards can be.

Wow. Thats insanely huge. One thing i love about steem is its ability to give value to every action one takes. I really have to join in these games you know.

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