Calling all Splinterlands fans! (Maxed Summoner Raffle!)

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Only 4 days left for the Splinterlands Maxed Summoner Raffle!

So far, @javiermurillo has 5 entries, @taintedblood, @tsnaks, @cadawg, @rahul.stan, and @felipejoys each have 1. For a total of only 10 entries.

In order for this raffle to take place, there needs to be at least 240 more.

First place will receive this MAXED OUT Delwyn Dragonscale!

2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winners will each receive a level 4, Gold Foil, Delwyn Dragonscale!

To enter to win one of these Delwyn Dragonscale summoners, all you have to do is send any amount of ENG/INT/STEEM to @crystalhuman, no memo required.

1 ENG per entry. Send 10 or more ENG for a free extra entry (per 10)
1 STEEM per entry. Send 10 or more STEEM for a free extra entry (per 10)
2 INT per entry. Send 20 or more INT for a free extra entry. (per 20)

Buy INT on the Steem-Engine market

Buy ENG on the Steem-Engine market

I have set a minimum reserve of 250 ENG / 250 STEEM / 500 INT (totals will be combined), if the reserve is not met, this raffle will be canceled and all entries will be refunded!

Raffle ends on 7/15/2019

Good luck!


Follow me!

Read this to find out more about the raffle

Resteem this post, and comment a number between 1-5000 for one free raffle entry! (You'll find out why I had you pick a number, later.)


1117 :) thanks! Hope you get your funding for your project.

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1997 bro!!

My random number: 23
I have also sent 10 STEEM.

Thanks for such a great giveaway! :-)

Much appreciated! good luck!

I'm in for 11 tickets good sir.
Let's make it 12.....

Remember to resteem for your 12th ;)

oop. There we go.

Nice, i will use the free raffle entry and will select the 4500. also will use 3 Steems.

Cheers! Good luck!

I didn't understand, 1 Steem = 1 entry?

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Yes, it does. :)

If I send 3 Steem that's 3 entries?

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Ok, I'll enter to the contest

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Awesome! Good luck! :)

Owlesome! Good luck! :)

I am a bot. I turn comments into owl related puns.

Wow what an awesome contest @crystalhuman ! Those cards are awesome, Count me in for 3 entries ( sending 3 Steem now ) Good luck everyone! upped and resteemed!❤😎👍

Your welcome, wish I could afford to buy more, I really love those cards!! If I suddenly get rich here on Steemit, I buy more!😎👍😂

Read about your project, and seema a pretty good one! I'm not my own boss, but since I started being interested in criptocurrencies more and more I think about other forms of income and working for yourself. Sent 1 steem, and don't need refund even if the raffle doens't go forward, good luck on that project! Resteemed also, and picking 2019!

STEEM entry received! :) Thanks!

Thank you and welcome.

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3682 i will resteam