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RE: My thoughts on the upcoming Collection Power update!

in #spt4 months ago

I don't think people fully understand yet that the rewards are being re-worked and will most likely result in a greater distribution of prizes across the board. Each of the new leaderboards will have new season earnings and prizes to excite players from ALL investment tiers.

I admit I don't know about this. I thought we will be getting the same rewards we have now like getting 80 LOOT CHESTS for reaching CHAMPION III and 8(?) Loot Chests daily from the daily quests. Good to know that the rewards 'may be' re-worked along with this upcoming change.

Once we have the new League reward system fully worked out and implemented, I think you'll like it much better than it is now.

Hopefully! It would also be nice if the game add new stuffs in the future other than 'new cards' that would make the game more fun and interesting to play. For the past few months it honestly has become stale. XD

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