Just Started .. How to Level up cards ?

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Hello Everybody,
I have just started playing this amazing game and I have also bought some cards and they are very helpful. After playing for a week or two I have realized that level 1 to level 1 fight is ok but if some high level opponent comes then defeat is must. So now I am thinking about to level up some cards but it is never an ending processes. Any suggestion for me how can I level up and which cards I must consider ?
Help is appreciated.


Happy playing @lifeskills-tv,

Thing is you need a summoner that can summon higher level monsters. Go to cards and click a card. You will find its stats and learn what you can expect from it at every level. For a summoner you get info about which is the highest level of monster that he can summon. Explore all buttons there, Combine Cards does a level up.


Thanks -- But its very costly process summoner price minimum .50 and need 40 cards to level 5

I guess I misinterpreted your post. Investing in cards is always risky thing.

How about you go for renting? I use @peakmonsters, trying to rent a lot in both ways.


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