Daily Quest Reward: Gold I

in #spt11 months ago


Last day of the Season, mostly bots left in my League... very easy to climb up into a higher league before
claiming prizes (and before season end, most importantly!)


I hit Gold III early in my playing session. After hitting my daily, I checked to see my status and pushed to Gold II before claiming. Now I'll probably push for at least one more league before calling it a day.


First rare card in my last few sessions. I call that a win!

Play Splinterlands!!!

Have you tried Geo-mining? Earn crypto for your mobile location data. https://coin.onelink.me/ePJg/b40cccb5


Hey! I am having a giveaway on my channel, only a few hours left to leave your username!

Everyone wins something! Top prizes are good!

I'm guessing I missed the giveaway, but I'll watch for the next.

Last Call! Leave your Splinterlands name on my video and have a chance to win a Legendary or Epic! Everyone gets a card no matter what :)

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