Bronze I Attained

in #sptlast year


Played only 1 day in Season, wrapped up at Bronze I with 9 loot chests. Anything good?

Bugs in SteemMonsters website prevented me from seeing without turning to Peakmonster (Season Rewards popup refused to clear without refreshing the page... not the first time this has messed up my loot reveal)


A practically worthless card, some DEC, orb, potions... I don't know how to value any of this anymore. Was it a good Season? No idea!

Play Splinterlands!

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Nowadays I also often get worthless things as rewards in Steem Monsters/Splinterlands, but I recently started to play the game actively again, because I received some valuable items too. And, as the amount of reward cards are dropping, their value will probably go up. My highest league in the current season is currently Silver II, which will mean 15 loot chests at the end of the current season. I am looking forward to it, and I am planning to play the game everyday.

I will plan to play every day again and actually end up playing one or two days like I did the last few seasons.

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