Daily quest done now time to push for Champions League

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So with just over a day to go in the season I am going to make a real effort to push for Champions league for the first time, I am comfy playing in diamond 1 but that push up to the next tier is bloody murder.


Today's rewards where a bit of a let down and I dream of the days when it was all cards but that is all gone and the financial rewards have slumped but I still believe that prices will soar in the future when the game goes mainstream.

I am also looking forward to seeing these new legendary commoners and new features, i have tried the new mobile app and it is snazzy but I do prefer playing on the website.


Yay!!! AWESOME, WTG @monsterjamgold!!! 🥰🌺🤙

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Totally agree with you on rewards cards from daily quests, but awarding Orb packs and DEC's from chests is a Welcome move. I got lucky few days before to receive an ORB and have couple of EPIC cards :)

Good luck with Season End Rewards.