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Day 11 of lockdown, todays number of new cases was lower than yesterday so that is a good sign. I was wondering what do write about today when I saw the @splinterlands (@spt) challenge post pop up in my feed so I decided to give it a try!

Today's challenge is to share a battle using the Spark Pixies untamed card from the fire splinter. I never used this card before to be honest so I had to go to the shop and buy 14 of those to make it a lvl 3 rare card. The only time I would use a card like this was if I was playing earthquake ruleset with the fire splinter with a generous manacap.

The Lineup

Screenshot 20200324 at 14.30.04.png


Malric Inferno is my favorite sumoner and the one that I leveled up the most. Whenever I see a 34 mana cap match with reverse speed I know that I will have to put GOBLIN MECH to work, hitting enemies with 6 piercing damage is just to good to pass on!

Kobold Miner was my last pick, after picking the best cards for this matchup I had 2 mana left to spend so he jumped into the ring. I use him in over 50% of my matches too...

Naga Fire Wizard is a great card for reverse speed since most of the fire splinter cards are way to fast.

AIM TRUE made my last 3 picks super easy, knowing you can't miss is just a blessing! Even though Spark Pixies has a super high speed stat it doesn't matter that much because it will hit 100% of the time. Fire Demon and Fire Beetle were obvious choices to finish the line up, 3 ranged damage on each of them for the cost of 4/3 mana is just amazing.

This strategy using 34/34 mana gave me an easy win a death deck Link for the battle here

Battle Review

Screenshot 20200324 at 15.38.31.png

I was in Diamond II but my opponent was Diamond III in this battle, our summoners cancel each other out so nothing to had there. The problem with his strategy is that is front line is very weak for a match with 34 Manacap. I was able to blast is front line in the first round. From there on it was a massacre. Also my deck cards out level his by a lot so that made it even easier.

Help me get better

I appreciate if you could leave me some feedback in the comments letting me know how I can improve the quality of my post 😉

I also need some help with something else, I recorded this battle live but when I was trying to upload it to PeakD I realized it wasn't possible. So I would like to know what is the best way to include videos on my posts (I don't want to upload to youtube and post the link). With the recent change of blockchain I'm not sure which video sharing platform are working with Hive at the moment!



Eek! Day 11!
Well... welcome to the challenge!

I also have had a deep love for Malric since the beginning... Anywho...
Yeah, you overpowered your opponent easily on this one. Your fast little pixies didn't even get to play much.

As far as 'video in the post'. I'm mostly looking for the LINK to the specific battle. I watch all the battles. 😍 Others like to share them to Youtube and then embed them (especially if THEY are also in the video). You can ONLY embed (right now) with Youtube and 3Speak (which IS about part of the Steem blockchain). Don't worry too much about stuff while the new chain gets all its ducks in a row... once they do you'll (probably) be able to easily do all the things. 😊

Stay home, stay safe, play Splinterlands!

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