Splinterlands - Nice Quest Reward Pack & Beta Pack Opening Today

in #spt2 years ago
I'm still a novice in the Splinterlands but having fun and earning nonetheless. I completed today's quest and got some nice cards with my potion bonus. I really like the Exploding Dwarf and the Vampire. They're real sleepers when you find the right situation to use them. Of course the gold Rusty Android and the Phantom Soldier were great additions also. I made Silver League again but still trying to push it to the next level.

Screenshot 20190929 at 9.01.56 PM.png

Being that the Beta packs are coming to an end, I've been buying 1 pack whenever I complete my quest. Here's what came in that pack.

Screenshot 20190929 at 5.21.14 PM.png

Really looking forward to what the future holds for Splinterlands...


Enter The Splinterlands!!


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