Splinterlands Weekly Curation Challange! Share your posts! Win Upvotes!

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Splinterlands is MANUALLY CURATING!

Meet the Team!

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@travelgirl @clove71 @isaria @carrieallen

All of us, plus @aggroed & @yabapmatt and other Splinterlands Team Members (when they have a chance), will be seeking out AMAZING Splinterlands content. Amazing. We aren't looking for a pic of your daily rewards... Unless you can somehow wow us within that. We want creative content! We want statistical content! We want fan fiction and art!

These upvotes are serious business. We have the power (muahahahahaha!) to reward you up to $10 USD (or thereabouts) and that number is bound to continue to grow. The upvotes will come from the OLD @steemmonsters account (as that's where the VP is vested). Everything else happens at @splinterlands!

And now...

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👉 Let's get SPLINTERLANDS trending!

We want your best, most exciting posts about Splinterlands! Got a battle that is too good not to share? Have you created something amazing? Do you have thoughts on stats, cards, abilities, gameplay? We want it all! And we want it to be awesome.

Make sure you tag #splinterlands when sharing outside of STEEM/HIVE!

Speaking of...

Where should you share it?!

Literally, anywhere. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Medium
  • Youtube
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat

There are TONS of places out there! Share! Share! Share!

How do YOU get an upvote?

  • Create AMAZING Splinterlands content on the STEEM or HIVE blockchain.
  • Make it look good. Need help formatting?
  • Tag the post spt (on STEEM) so you get rewarded in SplinterTalk Tokens too!
  • Drop your link(s) below.
  • Please note: You do NOT have to share outside of STEEM/HIVE OR write about the specific prompt for an upvote. We are manually curating often. If you want your post to be seen drop the link below. However, those who DO follow the prompt and DO share outside of STEEM/HIVE will be eligible for larger upvotes. 🥰

How do YOU get a BIGGER upvote?

  • Do ALL the things above plus
    • Share the post to ANOTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM.
    • TAG it #splinterlands. (Let's get TRENDING!!)
    • Include a link to your shared post in a comment below.

Change to Voting Quantity

Started Feb.15th.
From now on you can get a MAX of 2 upvotes per week per chain (unless you create something amazing). I've been spreading out the votes as much as I can and giving EVERYONE a vote if they follow the basic rules above, but am finding a lot of people doing the bare minimum. I will now be looking for HIGH-QUALITY POSTS (I was always looking for these) and instead of an auto upvote just for entering I'll likely suggest how to make your post better to earn that upvote.

💥STEEM & HIVE Voting/Posting:💥 As of now Splinterlands is posting and curating on BOTH Steem and Hive. If you post on both chains AND share the link on the challenge posts (on Steem or Hive) I will upvote both! This is NOT double posting. Steem and Hive are separate blockchains now, much like Facebook and Twitter are not the same. 😉 TL;DR: Post on Steem and Hive, get upvotes on Steem and Hive.

Now go! Out into the night! Create the content! Share the content! Grow the Splinterlands!!!!

🐲Highlights from the Week 🐲

Tale of Steemslotgames Financing Splinterlands to Battle Holybread! by @oivasSplinterlands Meta Snapshot Update 04-08 by @darthgexeSPT Daily goals?... now a routine! by @blumela
Splinterlands Art Contest - Game Over Winner Pixie Ice by @yanes94How to Kick ass with Minotaur Warrior - Splinterlands by @mistakiliPlay and earn without actually purchasing the cards in splinterland. by @r1s2g3
I am very focused on green - Splinterlands Weekly Curation by @mad-runnerLet's talk about the New Legendary Death Card: MIMOSA NIGHTSHADE! + My new acquisition ♥ by @gatolectorSplinterlands Strategies for Rulesets and a Chance to Win DEC by @stever82
Splinterlands Game is ON with Social Distancing by @reeta0119SplinterLands Q&A Series1:: I have bought a Summoner Card but I'm not able to use in battle - Why? by @gungunkrishuWhy should you buy Booster Packs and Potions? Because it is worth it! by @sampraise
Splinterlands- Fantastic Week with Wonderful Game by @alokkumar121
baby beta badge.png
Daria Dragonscale VS Malric Inferno: Considerations By @libertycrypto27

Places to learn more, connect and play!

SPLINTERLORE Website: It's lore galore!

SPLINTERLANDS/STEEM MONSTERS BLOG: Where you'll find all the updates.


Ah found the post on steem! I had shared the link to my steem post under the comments on the @splinterlands HIVE post today.

Here's the post. and the link Shared on twitter.



Thanks again for doing this. Great to see you supporting all the stuff.

Here is my post on Steem and here it is on Hive and I shared it on Twitter and Facebook Group


Good afternoon, I leave you my new video in which I made a fanart of the Silvershield Assassin card for the contest. ;)


tweet: https://twitter.com/YanesCarmen94/status/1251246182988427265

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