Rental contracts for Splinterlands through are the bomb!

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So, did you know you can deposit any amount of credits to your profile and start bidding, buying, selling and now renting other people's cards? This is an unbelievable feature as many players, don't have the resources to level up or max out, sometimes not even have cards that now don't need to sit through every season in some card hodler's collection, whom and this could be the case for many as well, don't have the time or hold too many cards... and that's how the rental market provides an opportunity for both parties to start leveraging each other out.


If you want to rent a card you just need to first deposit enough credits in your PeakMonsters account, go to the MARKET tab and after opening any card stats, you will be able (as long as you're logged in) to click on the CARD RENTALS menu, as well as the bidding one, CARD BIDS tab, which serves to set buy orders for any card you want and for how many you can afford.


This is a list each renter can take a look at in their profile as well.. There's a tab named Rental Contracts and it displays all of the cards you have rented plus their value and stats, such as length, remaining payment between others.


If you check my list you will see that I have rented some cards even for three straight months (you can rent a card, depending on the owner parameters up to 180 days), this is plain awesome. And not only that but taking into account the fact that being a Gold level player myself, I have a decent set of cards but at the end of each season I had to basically get slammed and slow my pace as my cards aren't fully maxed for Diamond and Champion tiers, but now this rental feature has allowed me to finally take my playing a step further. I have reached the Champion II league for two seasons in a row, after barely making it to Diamond II in previous seasons. I can barely keep my happiness to myself, as now many members of the community have also helped me out, not only renting me cards but encouraging me to keep doing my best and allowing me to play with better cards.

Finally but not least I want to personally thank @mattclarke @beeyou @clove71 @sashas @em3 @jarvie @nealmcspadden and @yabapmatt, you are the main reason I am able to post this today, as you have made of me a greater player and improve towards my goals and overall path. I'm grateful to be a part of this momentum we have as a community and engaging members.. did I say the words Monsters Hodlers? Thank You!

Special thank you to @asgarth as well. As I know he is the wizard behind all of coding!

What are your thoughts on the rental market and using third party tools such as Do you think leveraging both playing and functionality helps the game succeed at a much better level?

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Did I help to create a monsters addict by delegating my account for a week?! :) I'm happy you had the experience of playing with my cards and now look at you! Renting maxed cards and slowly building up your acct. I've ran into you many times on the battlefield and you are definitely a fierce opponent! Happy to see you continuing to grow. Good luck this season!

haha! I was already addicted for what it's worth lol ... I'll always be grateful for what you did for me, and I've been doing my best to keep paying it forward by helping newcomers to settle down and also gifting/helping everyone the best way I can. Thank you for doing that for me and hopefully I'll be a monster champion like you when I grow up :grimacing:

Lol, you are so silly with the "monster champion". You are already doing very well! We've met a couple times now in ranked and tournament play and you sure are fierce! yes, I play my own account in tournaments sometimes ;)

I know you are paying it forward and I'm glad to see you grow! Just remember that I was nice to you when you get to the big leagues! :)

I love seeing these kinds of posts

$rewarding 100

Thanks for the mention, mate :)

Steamdan is the man!
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You are the best Chris!! Thank you for all of your help!

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Thanks to you, for your patience :)
The post was very well explained, I love it is a good guide.
Thank you peque;)

l split the season reward cards for Valnamr
Hope you are doing well. Did you see my other message? My phone got broken.

Take care brother!

hey man ! just read both of em. I've been only playing and in and out of discord. Still doing some stuff about the house and that's gonna take long as well. Connection is not that good either but managed to find a way to play using mobile data, so I will keep doing so! shoot me a reply whenever and hopefully you'll get a new phone soon? cheers and thanks!

okay cool.
hopefully the home internet gets fixed soon also. And send me a reply here or something if happens or seems you won't be able to battle for a while!
Take care of yourself


oh and you can take the reward cards for yourself anytime. just leave the Mystery Prize things for me.

let me know when you have enough Tournament winnings for me to split up!
Will take care of it as soon as l can.

Congrats for beating the shit out of me in the tournament! Didn't expect a Shin-Lo from you, this rental market makes me crazy :-)

haha ! I actually left 1 mana open for that match... the Shin Lo is all Neal's... he was kind enough to borrow it to me... I don't think I would've been capable of renting that one at all. @louis88 beat the crap out of me too on the next round, I'm glad to have made it that far, it really means a lot to me to be able to play at your level !! Hope your weekend only gets better from now :D GG and thank you!!

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