Another Day on Splintersland : Gloridax Revenge

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I love the new look while waiting for the next battle or pages😍

Hello Fellows😇

3 days to the new year and new season, it's getting to tough to win on any battles around gold league, IMHO 😀 especially when many lvl 5+ summoners still around, thanks to several bots who helped a lot with their lvl 1 splinters😂.


with my lvl 4 daria, winning 6 of 8 battles

For the gloridax revenge quest, having a Dragon Summoners is enough, even though you don't have othet Dragon's monsters😅 because they fight together along with all splinter's elements. I have a gold manticore too. It helps!


my water team is the strongest, it has lvl 7 Alric which I never used if the dq is not pirat's attack.

But with Daria, I can use the watet team as long as it's active. I was lucky, because during my mission, the water element always active.


a lil bit unlucky this season😊 no gold foil drops in my claimed rewards so far

That's okay😁.. I just play for fun and because I'm a bit curious about what will happens if I open an untamed pack without potion. I bought one pack with the dec I earned from the battle today.


isn't it cool? A gold foil death summoner😊

A Contess Lament worth for $4.50 is not bad for spending 2000 DEC, I think. Even though it won't really significant to support when I have Zintar Lvl 4😉, but I like it!

With so many big decks around today, I think I will make it to Diamond League by the end of the season if I choose the right time to play. The game is getting more and more interesting nowadays, with the new monsters and worth playing old reward monsters. A Semi Gold Deck like mine would be cobsidered as a competitive deck for next few seasons.

Enjoy your battle, Good Luck and Happy Holidays💪💖👐