Weird day on splinterlands 🤔

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cashew tree, edited with food beautify 🤣

Hi Everyone 👸

Gotta create a post while I got time, with a consequence no payout 😆 but who cares? I just need to keep my memory about this game too.
BTW, have you ever seen cashew tree? Do you know that beside the nuts that you can consume after roasted or proceed to be milk, you can consume the young leaf as salad too?
Aahh.. I just found out about it too😂 when a friend told me that he grews some cashew tree for the leaf, not the nuts.

talking about nuts, I think this is a nuts day on splinterlands, I can easily touch diamond 3 and complete the death quest on strikes.

Where's the tough opponents I used to meet? Are they all on champion league now? Well.. that's cool😇 because it doesn't trouble me to just accomplish the daily mission.

been a long time not having a chicken drop in

I think this is the normal rewards that I supposed to reveal, no surprise after 2 consecutive days of the legendary monster show up.

I found that 3 or 4 accounts which I always face daily on battlefield, now rank down to gold 3 and even to silver 1 🤔 that's weird because they have almost the same level deck like mine. Maybe the players just got sick and tired of playing or something happened to the RNG

I was thinking that imp bowman has gone, but I keep having him dropped in anywhere 🌠 needs a lvl 5 summoners to make him really useful with the fierce ability. Great... We have enough ranged monsters on fire and I wish the new monkey with armoursmith ability to change the situation against the untamed 😂

The new reward monsters have the same Dec value with untamed, but I like it when it only takes 400 cards to Max the regular one, while we need 505 cards to Max the regular beta and previous common reward monsters. I hope the price will worth it too.

BTW, why people bought new cards with high price while they have a chance to get it later through the rewards, daily or season?


That cashew tree is beautiful @thekeenqueen. And congrats on your !monster cruise straight into Diamond III. :) And your Imp Bowman! Good day all around, looks like.

Thanks @madwomaninattic 🌹
I collected the fallen cashew and take the nuts and grow it for myself..I took more than 10 and it all grow, dunno where to plant it.. hahaha, my garden has too many plants already.

Aarrghhh.. that imp bowman, it loves me so much like the undead minotaur did hahaha. Have a wonderful day to you too

Gold Dragon Animation
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Funny choice 😂 why don't you use the landscape beautify?

The results not Sharp as the one with food beautify