Daily Splinterlands Quest : Day 1

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I was playing splinterlands yesterday whiles on a call and a friend of mine asked me what i was doing. I told her i was playing a game online and she suddenly became interested. I explained the game to her and she couldnt believe it was possible to play games and earn money(cryptos). I explained everything to her and she decided to join the hive blockchain.

Splinterlands is becoming a daily game i play and i have been very active of late learning new things. Thanks to @gungunkrishu , i am now in a guild called the power. I have been playing solo for a while and i didnt know the importance of a guild till i saw a post by @gungunkrishu explaining how guilds work and inviting me to join the guild. I have contributed 3 quest scrolls and 737 DEC to the guild and im already feeling a commitment to play everyday. I realised today that to advance my guild to the next level, we need to contribute DEC to upgrade to the next level. Its time to play and get more DEC to contribute.


Today, i completed my quest by winning five battles with the death splinters summoner. Since i hardly use the Death splinter for battles, i was finding it difficult complete the quest. I finally finished it up with and claimed my quest rewards. The part of quest i always look forward to.
I got three cards and 300+DEC which is something great. I hoping for better rewards tomorrow.

Note: DEC has monetary value and so do the cards i earned. Come play and see where you analytical skills lie. Have a wonderful day.

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