Tj4real's Daily SplinterLands Report - 25th April 2020

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Would you be playing splinterlands if there was no incentive? This is a very big question to ask. Though the game is interesting, it wouldn't be my first goto game without any incentives. I believe the same is true for most of us playing the game. Its not a bad game at all and its very fun for me now that i understand what actually goes on. Im always looking forward to the next amazing rule and figuring how to match my cards against each opponent. Enough said, this is my daily log of splinterlands.

I almost sold my DEC today with the rise in the steem price. I realized, DEC does not store value better than the main token which is Hive and as such, financially, i think it will be better if i convert all my DEC to Hive. Even with this analysis, i still couldn't make the big move to convert my DEC. I have contributed to my guild my daily promise bf 300 DEC in effort to reach the next level in no time. My guild is at Level and we need to upgrade to level 7.

Battle 1.jpg
Starting line up

I have missed so many hours of playing Splinterlands due to my increased errands. I had to stay in town for major part of the day to get some food and other essential items. This not withstanding, i was able to enter into the league of 3000 points people in the Diamond III rank. My target still remains at Diamond I by the end of this season.
Battle 1.png

the power.png
And I won

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